All the beads are handcrafted in my workshop, this one is located in seine and marne, near Paris in France

Initially, the raw material consists of glass rods of different colours, opaque or transparent, which will be deformed by the flame of the torch, transformed thanks to a precious know-how into a multitude of pearls, of different sizes, colours and decorations, as well as small characters populating tiny glass worlds.

The worked glass is imported from various origins, Murano, Bohemia, United States, which allows a wide range of colors: each bead is unique, everything is possible!

By perpetuating thousand-year-old gestures and techniques and passing them on to my students, I try to perpetuate a unique and fascinating know-how! 

the workshop opens its doors every end of the year, you can also come and visit it by appointment!

I would also be delighted to meet you at the many arts and crafts fairs in which I participate.